Email Hosting

Exchange Email

Email has changed a lot over the last few years, with more resources now allocated to email, than to the traditional website server. And for good reason! With many businesses sending in excess of 200 emails everyday, often with attachments – it makes sense to ensure this communication remains secure, with large storage and syncs across multiple devices.

Our exchange mailboxes come with 25G of storage and sync both your incoming, sent and draft emails between all your installed devices. We also include some really handy secondary services too, like calendar – notes – contacts and more… all saved into the cloud to ensure access for you 24/7.

Exchange mail versus POP/IMAP

Pop and IMAP is officially dead… If you’re using either of these email setups, there is a very good chance you’re not receiving (or being able to send) your email and you’re probably losing customers as a result.

The reasons why? Well, in summary your email is being seen as spam. And with spam filters now operating on high alert 24/7 your email is probably being stripped and not sent.

With Exchange mail, each individual email address receives it’s own IP address and server resources. That means you’re not sharing 1 IP address between multiple email addresses (and also sharing with your website). IP sharing generally results in being marked as spam.

So, IMAP and POP all use the same IP. This old setup also shares the same IP with your website. There is also a really good chance you’re sharing your IP address with a bunch of shared server users (shared hosting). If any one of these users engages in any spammy activity in email or web… you’ll be blacklisted with your email as well.

Hence Exchange email was born. It protects each email address you have, while also keeping your website server completely separate. If an email or website is compromised, the other websites or email addresses are not damaged and are generally kept alive.

Pricing and Service

Our Exchange Mail is priced at $250 per email address per year. If you’re making the leap from POP/IMAP that can seem a little daunting. We totally understand. But think of this upgrade in a different way. Your email will become secure, sync to all your devices and not interrupt your website (or other emails) for less than a dollar a day.

Send your email (and receive) with confidence knowing you’re using commercial grade filters. SPAM is a thing of the past (and if some sneak through, just mark them as SPAM and the system will learn)

Migrating to Exchange mail is pretty painless, but we will need to update your DNS (Domain) so that your emails point to a different server. Please allow a couple of hours for your DNS to come into affect. And yes, you can migrate your old emails into your new system. This happens through your email software (Outlook). Just drag and drop your old emails into your new inbox and it will automatically begin syncing to the cloud server.