We can purchase and manage your domain name in our domain pool. All domain pricing is set at $66 per 2 years, and includes adding any DNS entries you may require. Additional fees may be required if your DNS solution requires any research or consultation (If you have the DNS settings on hand, generally there is no charge).


If you’re running a complex mail or website solution and require DNS, then we can ensure this is correctly setup for you. Just email us your required DNS entries and we’ll look after the rest for you.


Our name servers are

These name servers resolve to our server IP address and then allow us to manage your DNS.

Not using our Nameservers?

We can supply you with our A record (for website hosting) and our email MX record (for exchange or other mail services).

Renewing your domain

We’ll send you a reminder a month before your domain is due to expire, just to confirm you’re continuing ownership of the domain. Please make payment for your domains promptly! Nothing is worse than an expired domain that you cannot retrieve.

Updating your domain information

Updating your contact details is easy, just let us know what needs updating. If you are transferring ownership of your domain to another entity, a fee will apply.

Transferring a domain to us

Also easy. Just let us know the domain password. We’l initiate the transfer. You will need to authorise the transfer via email (it will be the email registered with the domain)

Moving away from us

Also easy (Although we may be a bit sad). We always provide domain passwords on request. We’ll probably confirm via email to ensure security of your domain, but otherwise passwords are provided same day as request.