eco web hosting

Yup, weʼre carbon neutral.
We offset all our electricity and cooling usage into our carbon offset program and also plant 1 tree per year for every customer we have on board!

But itʼs also important to know that our server specifications are meeting (and exceeding) your requirements. Hereʼs a summary of what our servers can do for you (Warning, Jargon!).

Our Server

SSD storage (for super fast retrieval and low latency) 8 CPUʼs (for quick processing of requests)
32G of RAM
6000GB of bandwidth per month

Weekly AWS backups (Sundayʼs)
CageFS, to ensure your website is kept completely separate from other users CloudLinux, keeping all users well managed with effective load balancing Apache HTTP(S)
Cpanel access for all users
Server level SSL for all users
PHP configuration available for all users (up to v7.1)

Services we can offer with your website hosting

Migrating your website from your old hosting provider. This is generally pain free these days. We just need access to your old Cpanel and we can move your website to our server within a few minutes. Weʼll also need access to your domain, so that we can point your domain to our server address. If all goes smoothly with the transfer, we can migrate you for free. If you have a complex setup there may be a fee involved with the transfer.

Offline backup services. We can also provide completely offline backups of your website, for those with ultra security in mind. This is a worst case solution, where both our server and our online backup server fail. We would then upload your off-line backup into our server to restore your website.

Website design, maintenance, SEO and marketing.
Yup, we can also help with cleaning up your website, or building you a new one. Chat to us today about our website development services.